Tuesday, February 2, 2016

#MyHIVHangUp - I checked this site out last week about treatment and it seemed to pack a lot of information for the newbie to meds. If anything, the website layout is grand!


About HIV Treatment
Knowing a little more about HIV medicines may help you face your concerns about HIV treatment.

Today there are many medicines available, in 6 different classes. And that's because each class of HIV medicine attacks the virus at a different point.

It's important to know that you have options when it comes to when and how you take your medicines.

Some medicines can be taken any time of day, without food or drink. Other medicines must be taken at         a certain time of day or with food or drink.
You may take pills from 2 or more classes of HIV medicines.
There are also HIV medicines that are single-tablet regimens/combinations. This means that medicines from two or more classes of medicines are combined into a single pill taken once a day.

You and your healthcare provider will work together to find the treatment regimen that works best for you, while managing any possible side effects along the way.


Things to consider when exploring your HIV treatment options with your healthcare provider:

How well the treatment works to lower your viral load and increase your CD4+ T-cell count
Learning the possible side effects, so you know what to expect
How many pills you may have to take on a daily basis, how many times a day you have to take them, and whether or not you need to take them with food
If you're already taking HIV medicine but experiencing side effects, talk to your healthcare provider. Not sure if what you're feeling is a side effect? Take a short quiz and discuss your results with your healthcare provider at your next appointment. 


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