Saturday, February 6, 2016

Been using this new app called Care4Today for medication adhearence

Besides setting your standard alarm clock as a back-up, you could use this free Android app for increased medication adherence. It took me only 15 minutes to set it up which included adding my prescriptions (all of which were in the database) time/frequency I take them, dates they were last filled and set alarms for reminders. Usually I don't like a messy desktop or a bunch of apps... I would utilize my alarm and calendar, however, this one keeps track of your adhearence + for everyday that you have 100% it gives a small donation to one of four charities that you choose. United Aids is one of them. It actually is not just for #PLWH and offers other choices for charity. Not sure if they have an app for Apple on  but for android you just go to the play store just click here. If you have Apple... you should buy an Android, they are just better. LOL

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