Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A post meant for inspiration for my fellow PLWH

PrEP - Information on Truvada

Before but especially now that the CDC backs up the fact that we who are undetectable can not pass on the HIV virus need to be educating the public on this. For those who have a constant come back of fear and ignorance direct them to the link above on PrEP. Let them know only people with their way of thinking pose a threat of passing on HIV as those of us with knowledge are aware that a combination of being undetectable along with PrEP and PEP can remain safely HIV-.
It's frustrating I know. And the fear of rejection is one that only some of us have to bear and it's not fair. Life isn't. But the sooner we all stand together and put our status out their for all to see we will then educate the public in mass and this epidemic will fade to past as it should have long ago. 
Be strong. Do what's right and remember, when your thinking your situation is different or that you have more to lose, there are others who have it worse. I guess there is one person on earth who does have it the worst. Fine he gets a free pass... but the rest of us... Know your status. Be proud of it and you. State your status public. You'll feel better because of it. I promise. 
#HIVTruth #FightHIVStigma #SpeakOutHIV #HIVStigma

Monday, November 20, 2017

HIV Criminalization and Human Ethics

I posted this on Facebook not too long ago.. maybe a few weeks now. I still strongly hold to this opinion. It's how I felt even when I was infected by someone who knew they were positive.

But I read about the guy in UK who intentionally infected 5 out of at least 10 people while also taunting them with antagonizing text messages after "oh... btw I'm HIV+ ...oops LOL" and of course I'm reminded how complex this niche of HIV activism can be. It's kind of why I focus on stigma. I don't want to appear wishy washy as far as my views go. Not that I ever sway back and forth but it's like abortion.. should be dealt with on a one by one basis and really there is no right answer. If only people would just act ethical at all times would be so much easier!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Speak Up On Your HIV Issues with Your Doctor!

When Your HIV Regimen Makes You Sick, Speak Up

David Duran June 13, 2017
  • When I first began taking antiretroviral medication after being diagnosed, my body just didn't want to cooperate. Unfortunately, what I remember from my first year of being HIV positive was a lot of trial and error, which involved me being sick a lot. I was even hospitalized from one combination that, apparently, I was allergic to.