Saturday, January 21, 2023

Private & Discreet STD Telehealth Appointments and Treatments

More & more people are turning to telehealth companies like (my personal favorite) for their STD screening (usually covered by all insurance companies, check with your provider), STD treatment and men's general health, ie: premature ejaculation, erectile dysfuncion, balanitis etc.
Callondoc offers a full range of services from HIV prevention/exposure (PReP or PeP), Dermatology, Imaging, Labs and you can pick up your prescription within 2 hours. Rx's sent to your usual pharmacy are covered by your insurance so basically all you pay for is the consultation which for STD exposure is $39 (additional fee if instead of labs you want prescriptions that cover all bases). That's cheaper than an Uber both ways to my clinic. Also they're 24/7 and I leave the situation feeling empowered that my self diagnosis was taken seriously and treated the way I want without any questions.
I highly recommend trying it out if your still waiting for clinic to open or for an appointment anytime you pee and it don't feel right! Just click on the image below or one of the blue hyper links above to start :)