Monday, November 20, 2017

HIV Criminalization and Human Ethics

I posted this on Facebook not too long ago.. maybe a few weeks now. I still strongly hold to this opinion. It's how I felt even when I was infected by someone who knew they were positive.

But I read about the guy in UK who intentionally infected 5 out of at least 10 people while also taunting them with antagonizing text messages after "oh... btw I'm HIV+ ...oops LOL" and of course I'm reminded how complex this niche of HIV activism can be. It's kind of why I focus on stigma. I don't want to appear wishy washy as far as my views go. Not that I ever sway back and forth but it's like abortion.. should be dealt with on a one by one basis and really there is no right answer. If only people would just act ethical at all times would be so much easier!