Friday, May 27, 2016

A quest to educate America on HIV dating etiquette and how to properly and respectfully address a potential "hook-up" or date.

My ad has run in my local criagslist here in Modesto, CA with great success. I have received an out pour of thank you's from other positive individuals and to my surprise I have also received a lot of people who were educated and thankful to now know how to properly address us. I even received many apologies which are un needed but welcomed as it is confirmation that my voice is being heard. I did, however, receive quite a bit of responses from individuals who just look at the pic and try and hit on me! I just re-direct them to read the ad and use it for a chance to educate through email rather than ignore or be annoyed. Although I am known throughout the local LGBTQ community I decided to use my own pic and my HIV blog address as my name to help promote disclosure and put a name and face to HIV for anyone who already does not know I am a PLWH and structured it like a personal ad and placed it in most categories on m4m section of CL. I did this over the course of a month.. renewing and switching the location of the ad. Once opened it states that this is not an ad but in fact a example of how not to continue addressing the positive(+) community and some examples of how to address us in a polite and respectful way. I since have decided to post this on every CL area available in US... no time frame as I am not sure how much time this will take nor how many I can do at once or what not.. but I have been looking for some way I can make a difference that is not being done and this is a great area of LGBTQ community that needs attention. I think it's the biggest venue of men who are looking to hook-up that are DL (down-low) and not really up to date on social etiquette on the subject as they strive to stay in the shadow's and background which is why I suspect it's the worst offending site with this ugly issue.
Going from the top of the list and working my way down. I will keep this link list as a record of my progress. Anyone willing to help out please feel free to post and collaborate with me!
Modesto, CA - Rants and Raves & m4m Live as of 4/17/16
Abeline Tx - - Flagged within few hours both times...
Aculpulco MX - - Live as of 6/1/16
Amedesbad, IN - - Live as of 6/1/16
Ackron-Canton, OH - - Live as of 6/1/16
Albany, GA - - Live as of 6/1/16

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