Sunday, April 17, 2016

Please repost in your local craigslist M4M to put #HIVStigmaOnBlast

This is a bit of trickery but I figure if a person actually reports it, this is probably the same individual who needs to hear it so what's the harm really? Please copy and post to any m4m on craigslist or other social media where you find crass and demoralizing verbage toward the poz community. Together we can make a difference. Copy of my post in the Modesto, CA local craigslist here.

Age: 39
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 155lbs
Interests: I love staying fit and cycling daily, particularly BMX race bikes. I am an easy-going guy that enjoys a cocktails occasionally. 420 friendly actually a +. Looking for an LTR with a guy that is motivated, career driven and goal oriented. Sense of humor a must and drama free.

DD free here; you need to be the same.

Firstly this is not an ad for a relationship rather a chance to educate people who I choose to believe don't know any better. This kind of ad is found everywhere and frankly PLWH (people living with HIV) find it rude and demoralizing. Here's why: DD (Drug & Disease) free here; you be the same - I only want to talk about the first D (however I find it ridiculous when men put drug free and 420 friendly in the same ad!)  Everyone has the right to date whomever they wish and if your not up to speed with the current safe methods & precautions used to stay negative while dating a PLWH then that is your poragative and whole different post all together but please... WE ARE NOT DISEASED. If you would like to say "STD free" fine... honestly if your going to bareback no one is going to tell you "hey I have syphillis". It's a risk you take but please word it kindly. Put yourself in other people's shoes and word it the way you would want to read it. 

#HIVTruth #FightStigma #SpeakOutHIV #HIV #HIVStigma #AIDS