Sunday, March 13, 2016

My response to an HIV forum question regarding when to disclose your HIV status while dating:

I like to disclose right away. In fact now a days I broadcast it any way I can to promote awareness, usually by being asked questions which gives the opportunity to educate. As for the ones who ignore you they are likely the ones who would reject you and preventing any hurtful situations in a world that throws enough unavoidable hurt anyhow, I say is a healthy decision. So basically in public I disclose right away and online I clearly state it and let them make first contact. Should you decide to meet later you can clarify that they know and if they developed a liking to you likely they will still feel the desire to meet you. Disclosure in this way or your own take on it is a reminder to yourself that not only is it okay to be a PLWH but your an equal to ALL your peers neg. & pos. alike. Your not toxic and their ignorance may not be their fault but its not yours either. Hold your head high, your living with something that makes you stronger unless you let others weaken you.

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