Can Two People With HIV Safely Have Unprotected Sex?
Just like anyone, when it comes to dating, you’ll inevitably come around to the subject of sex. After all, sex is an important ingredient of companionship and life is simply not the same without it. However, when living with HIV, it is very hard to ignore the fact that you carry a virus that is easily spread as a result of unprotected sexual contact. Many people believe that if both partners have HIV, they can have unprotected sex. This may be entirely possible, but you must take precautions.
Nowadays with the internet and HIV dating sites like HIV and Single it is much easier for HIV+ singles to meet each other. This of course, makes dating much easier, since all the people you meet share your situation. This eliminates having to disclose your status, and being rejected because of your disease; however, it does not mean you should go out have sex with each other like it’s 1969!

Yeah! We Both Have HIV and Can Have Sex Like It’s 1969!

Many HIV positive singles believe that it’s OK to have unprotected sex if it’s with another person with HIV. Slow down! Many of you contracted the disease to begin with because of your free love attitude! Don’t get me wrong – everyone enjoys sex far more without condoms. But, it is essential to remember that condoms serve many more purposes than just protecting against HIV. They also help prevent the spread of other venereal diseases, like gonorrhea, syphilis, etc. If you are HIV positive, the last thing your immune system needs is a venereal disease.
In addition, there is some evidence in the medical community showing how someone with HIV can be infected with a different and more powerful strain of the virus. It’s called an HIV Superinfection, as if the normal HIV infection was’t enough. This superinfection can be very problematic.
HIV spreads through blood, semen and vaginal fluids. You need to be extra cautious whenever you have vaginal or anal sex. Although rare, oral sex can also transmit the virus if the person has lesions or cuts in their mouth. It is still a very good idea to either avoid oral sex or use some sort of protection. You can kiss as much as you like. The virus does not live in saliva which is why there is no problem in kissing.
Remember, condoms also help prevent pregnancies from occurring. If you don’t want a little rug-rat, and the girl is not on birth control – put on your jimmy! If you are wanting to have a child, than you will definitely have to get rid of the condom at some point. Just make sure you talk to your doctor first and do exactly what he or she says. HIV positive women can safely have children and do give birth to healthy babies as long as they take the necessary precautions.


We’re not saying it’s impossible to safely have unprotected sex if you both have HIV, but if you do not want to use protection, make sure you check with your doctor first. If your doctor gives you the OK and you are not sexually active with other people, by all means, discard the latex and enjoy! If you do have a relationship with someone who is HIV negative, then you mustpractice safe sex at all times. At no time should you have sex without a condom.
You will be able to lead a happy and sexually active life in spite of this disease as long as you take these precautions!