Saturday, December 12, 2015

Personal Trainer sentenced for not telling women his HIV status.

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My personal feelings on the subject: Back in 2000 I too was infected from someone who knew his status and being a teacher in a small town he did not want to disclose. I assume that was his reason, or he was a complete fucking asshole who cares about no one but himself. Either way I hated him for quite some time. Still think about it too often probably. But as for anger... it's no longer displaced toward him but rather feelings of forgiveness toward myself. It was MY responsibility to protect myself. It was ME who deep down knew everyone will tell you what you want to hear to get what they want in bed but instead hoped that people like that didn't really exist... not in my life anyhow. It was a hard lesson learned but to put it short. Suck it up buttercup... we all have our shit. Quit blaming others for your stupidity of falling for "Im allergic to condoms", "Condoms don't fit me", "I'm on meds that prevent me from spreading the virus". If you think any of this is true then you should investigate and make sure... educate yourself... this is your life your risking. Blind faith gets me in trouble all the time... too trusting can be hurtful. Sometimes the qualities that make us who we are and define us ultimately are our weakness's as well. Being honest is great. Being honest and assuming others are this way too is stupid. Dangerous.
As for the person that infected you. Slash his tires or break the windows out of his home.. you know the usual things you do when someone knowingly messes up your life but sentence him to prison and take his life in exchange... for a mistake you could have prevented?? Come on.. your better than that.